Feb 28th 2014

Today Ndongo guided us up the track from Gbiné where loggers have built a dam over the stream, stagnating a water source and allowing access to vehicles which bring chain saws and workers to remove all the large trees from the area. These trees have been a source of food and medicine for the Baka for thousands of years and they are being destroyed so incredibly quickly.

On the way Ndongo made sort of mouth harp from a leaf and began to play as we walked. We interviewed him about the situation and we hope to have translations from Baka to French/English finished very soon.



Apr 29th

We've just heard today that the illegal logging has started again. While we were in Cameroon all activity stopped. The path from the forest goes right past Gbiné and all the wood has to be carried past. One man claimed to have permission from the Sous Prefet to clear the cut wood. We heard that he had cut more and we told him we wouldn't let him take wood out until the Baka whose plantations had been destroyed were compensated.

This morning we heard that not only had they started taking the cut wood out, they were also cutting more trees. Cameroon has signed a treaty claiming that they will stop illegal logging. There should be independent observers monitoring this, who we are trying to contact now. Should any of them happen to see this blog the GPS co-ordinates of the following picture (and where the film took place) are: 2° 05’ 31” N, 15° 16’ 11” E.

Ndongo's plantation

Please share this blog to publicise this atrocity. The Baka's only hope is outside pressure on the Cameroon government to not allow the abuse that goes on.




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