March 10th 2014

Me and Martin returned to Djamba for the last time. We walked the 10k alone and barefoot - It had began raining which had put off any potential guides and with wet feet in sandals, bare feet were preferable. We had walked out there enough times to know the way - although there were a few moments where we questioned if we had missed a turn!

When we arrived Nanjinga treated us to some songs on the Ngombi Napeke, a traditional Baka instrument made from raffia. They don’t last very long in the heat as the strings, pulled out directly from the raffia, tend to dry out and break after a couple of weeks. Although all you need is the knowledge and a machete and you have all the instruments you want!

As always, it was very peaceful out at Djamba and yet there was a hint of melancholy as it was also time to say goodbye to some wonderful people.

We travelled back later in the afternoon accompanied by Minda and a few others who had arrived a few hours after us, having avoided the mornings rain. We arrived back at Gbiné before dark and spent the evening packing our things in preparation for the tours departure in the morning.


Hint of trouble brewing:
The bus we had hired for the tour arrived in Moloundou. We had just got all the equipment and luggage that we needed on tour packed up and ready to go when the driver turned up at Gbiné on a motorbike. He told us that the head of the "Gare Routier" (bus garage - bit of a grand name for a shed with a yard in front) had informed him that he wouldn't be able to leave without us getting signed authorisation from the Sous Prefet.

Great! - just what we needed! It turns out that our decision not to take "The Manager" on tour had meant that he was doing everything in his power to sabotage the trip.



Listen to more traditional music recorded by the Baka at Gbiné:



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